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inpain247   in reply to NancyMcGuire   on

Before You Get Dentures Talk To Me

This is a response to Nancy McGuire's post.  I sure hope she still comes to this website.  I just read her reponse to someone in need.  Wow, I feel recharged knowing that there are still people out there like Nancy.  She shows compassion and the help she offered was unbelieveable!  I know that you made that persons feel like they won the lottery.  I too feel I need to pull out the rest of my teeth and get dentures.  I have been up all night with pain from a very ill fitting bridge and many cavities still in my mouth after two dentists and 17,000.00 in loans.  I can't eat, sleep and I have not worked for months.  I also have RA so I have a double whammy.  I live in Madison Wi and can not get any assistant from the state.  They say our income is borderline, however we are financed over the hill and can not even afford my meds from month to month.  Nancy, if you are still out there, Thank you, for being you!  You are truly an angel from above.


Lou Ann Sheridan

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